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Happy Day to Us!

Posted on by Amy

And because its our FIFTH birthday we’ve put together our top five ways to stay design inspired!

1 is fun

Business as usual is business unusual. Things never happen exactly as planned, so taking things seriously, but not too seriously, is important to staying sane! Have fun; enjoy what your doing instead of worrying about outcomes you dont know or can’t control. So yes, Arthurs jokes don’t always deserve a place in a ‘good-book-a-jokes’ but we do enjoy the odd impersonation and laugh at how well (or badly) he does it!

2 try run

Being design effective has as much to do with what goes on in and out of work hours! Exercise is obviously not only good for your body but is a great stress reliever. At Skylark however we mix it up, so nope, no early morning jogs for us, every wednesday lunch is Yoga time… boys and girls included… its time to sweat and stretch it out!

3 climb a tree

Getting in touch with instinct and nature can be a great way to allow natural ideas to flow.

We all know the story of Newtown lying under a tree, contemplating the universe and the apple. We don’t go to the park and stare at the clouds but we do tend to stumble down to the courtyard at the Truman Brewery where a tree or two and a little sunlight (if there is any) gives a brainstorm or meeting a little extra je ne sais quoi.

4 adore

When last did you stop and stare? We are so bombarded with images that we end up moving so quickly over them, they all start looking the same. Contemplating beauty and good design is a great way to get inspired. At Skylark, with every new project a mood board is created for inspiration and reference. Also, head tilting is mandatory for designing,  all in an effort to look at something from a different angle!

5 take a side

At the end of the day you need to send something off, but the balance between the best idea and timing feels like walking a tight rope. Hello, can you hear the sweat drops fall! Sometimes the hardest part can be deciding to take a certain path, however to finish anything you’ve got to take a side. So if you can defend your decision or be open to changing it for improvement, almost no mistake is too big; except maybe the overuse of the rainbow gradient, comic sans or any other font that died in the 90’s…