DC Advisory

DC Advisory is a leading mid-market corporate finance adviser with a specific expertise in cross-border transactions. We produced a stunning, multi-language site that combines future-facing interface design with powerful imagery and cutting-edge content, including double-sided flipping tombstones and a home screen video.

The challenge of creating a website with such scope was maintaining the level of detail across each element. We worked in constant collaboration with key stakeholders in four countries to reach a global consensus whilst upholding cultural nuances in all trading regions.



For the DC Advisory website it was also important to us to revise the way deals were represented on the site. As a result we created an interface where the user was able to filter and view the ‘tombstones’ with ease.


Part of the main challenge of the site was the multi language aspect. The site has been created in 6 x languages and in conjunction with the client Skylark created a detailed system of auto translation for the tombstone view.

As a conclusion to the project we were also asked to refine DC Advisory’s brand and refine the guidelines to include the digital elements created for the site.


The challenge here was working with key stakeholders across the world on a multiple language site. We worked hard to create an inclusive, thorough process so there was global consensus on each detail.  The result –  a site that reflects the true global culture of DC and the nuance of each trading region.

Arthur Irving, Creative Director

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